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SMS Gateway Providers

SMS Gateway Providers

Call On CRM & Text On CRM integrate with several SMS Gateway providers to deliver SMS messages to your Sage ACT! contacts.

You must have an account with one of the following SMS Gateway providers to use our SMS functionality.

RedOxygen SMS Gateway

Red Oxygen - Fast, reliable and secure SMS messaging

The award-winning Red Oxygen SMS gateway offers you superior quality delivery and reliability with more than 200,000 users worldwide.
  • Uptime greater than 99.9%
  • Premium message routing with optimized reply path
  • High performance, un-congested international network
  • Established in Australia in 2001, Red Oxygen is one of the world's leading developers and distributors of enterprise SMS software applications and services.

Click here to signup for a RedOxygen free trial account.

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Receive 50 FREE Text Messages when you sign-up for a post-paid Silver or higher plan before 30th of February!

Clickatell SMS Gateway


The world's trusted mobile messaging platform.

Clickatell's messaging gateway allows you to send messages to almost any mobile phone in the world. Its high powered platform ensures reliable delivery of all messages, and our global coverage means that you can reach 819 mobile networks in 220+ countries.
  • Global network coverage
  • Cut rate SMS Pricing
  • High performance, un-congested international network
  • Used by more than 10,000 business customers around the world
Click here to signup for a Clickatell free trial account.

Skype SMS


Skype SMS the quick and cheap way to text friends instantly.

Just like sending text messages from your mobile, you pay per SMS message you send from Skype, but the costs are usually much lower. The cost of each text message depends on where in the world you’re sending it to (but not where you’re sending it from, however). It’s just 9¢ to most places, but there’s a big list of rates to destinations worldwide.
  • Easy and fast – text message directly from Skype.
  • Type long and eloquent messages from the comfort of your keyboard.
  • Reach friends instantly anywhere in the world.
  • Show your own cell phone number when sending text messages from Skype.
Click here to signup for a Skype SMS account.
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